Who we are

Monelli kart shop was born from the great passion and interest in the world of engines and in particular go-karts, maintaining a high regard for the sport of engines in general, trying to make our style unique.

The sectors in which we operate are multiple:

Equipment-components-parts for go karts
Technical sportswear
Work clothing (mechanical sector)
Pilot protections
Why choose: the kart shop brat
The “three plus” make the difference.
+ TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH: at best there is no end, we never stop: our goal is to progress more and more in the search for solutions that make your work less tiring and more productive. We are committed to trying to meet all your needs with a view to continuous and constant improvement of products and technologies.

+ EFFICIENCY AND SAFETY: Try to believe, our pros

dotti vengono perfezionati dopo rigorosi ed accurate prove tecniche in pista allo scopo di ottenere le massime prestazioni garantendo elevati standard di maneggevolezza e sicurezza.

+ ASSISTENZA E GARANZIA: L’assistenza dei nostri prodotti è garantita al 100%: sia si tratti di un piccolo attrezzo che di uno importante per garantire la massima sicurezza ed una completa funzionalità.


Racing Tools and Equipment parts.